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Our approach:

We know what will make our client’s lives easier.

When we say full-service general contractor— we mean it. Our process is built to think of everything, from the big picture plan in our proposal to the tactical reminders on our checklist. Communication and transparency are behind every move we make. If it’s important, our clients will know.

We respect budgets and timelines.

Cost and schedules aren’t made in a vacuum for a perfect world, they’re made to be actioned on in the real world. When an estimate already exists, we excel at value engineering to back into a number without compromising quality. And if the plan needs to pivot, we’ll provide timely solutions and ensure full alignment before any timeline implications or additional costs are incurred.

We’ve been doing this a while.

Our founders Thomas and Mike have, between them, over forty-three years of experience. Combined with the years invested by our in-house staff, we clear over a century of construction expertise. 

We’re nice. 

Don’t underestimate it. Taking the time to connect with our clients on a human level matters. Construction and renovation can be challenging, we want to go into every project as a united front. Knowing you’ll be greeted with positivity in the face of adversity goes a long way when you’re already in the middle of a complex process. 



We love meeting new clients. Contact us and let’s talk. 

Meet the Team

Thomas Tsitouridis

Thomas Tsitouridis


Mike Tserkezidis

Mike Tserkezidis


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