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Commercial Spaces

Creating a range of well-thought-out spaces from elegant and traditional to unique and unconventional.

Residential & Rental Properties

Building with efficiency, quality, and a close eye on codes and compliance to get it right the first time.

Millwork & Partnerships

Joining your renovation team to deliver best-in-class custom woodwork.

How it works:

Our process is efficient, streamlined, and backed by meticulous industry expertise.

1 – The Consultation

The Tomak team gets to know you, your staff, and any additional partners or vendors who we’ll be working with. We’ll go over what we bring to a project, how our scopes are generated, and gather information needed to create an accurate proposal.

2 – The Kick-off

After we’re aligned on the proposal, we’ll schedule an in-person kick-off with you and your team. After going over what to expect and all key milestones, we’ll share the magic checklist that will ensure nothing falls through the cracks and hold us accountable to the highest possible standard. 

3 – The Work-in-Progress

With everything documented and communicated with clarity, we’ll get to work. Regular status updates on all aspects of the project will be delivered weekly. But anytime you want an update, your project manager will be dedicated to providing responsive answers.

Proactive Solutions & Budget Tracking 

If something changes along the way, we’ll stay ahead of it so we can plan to pivot and have solutions ready for your sign off.  Your budget will be closely tracked, even if we do something extra for no additional fee, we’ll document it so you have a full record of the work effort.

Surface Protection & Dust Mitigation

Most importantly, we’ll respect any investments made on the space. Protecting your floors from scratches, spills, dents as well as managing and isolating dust (our system eliminates 90% of dust on-site) is an essential part of our process.

4 – The Punchlist

The final phase of buff and polish will receive the same exceptional attention to detail. Once our punch list is in hand, we typically complete every item within the week. Only when every detail is picture-perfect do we call it a day and close the books.

After our clients work with us once, we have a record of becoming their go-to construction resource. If you’re looking for a trusted partner, we’d love to hear about your project. Let’s talk.

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