Construction Project Bids: Comparing Apples to Oranges

Construction Project Bids: Comparing Apples to Oranges

Looking for tips to avoid change orders and additional costs?

When it comes to construction project bids, these are our top tips to mitigate unexpected situations and maintain peace of mind.

Always ask your potential contractor their thoughts on change orders and providing your original contract with a more wholesome figure.

This will allow you to understand the project budget and avoid, or at least mitigate, any surprises that may arise throughout the course of construction. 

When we say “your bottom line is top of mind,” we mean it!

This doesn’t just cover our costs, but also any fixtures, finishes, and equipment (FF&E) that you as the client are providing.

We like to include allowances for finishes that are TBD so that we can plan accordingly. We may also include additional items such as a mass loaded vinyl product, which some Architects don’t even require.

Sometimes it pays to spend a little extra on the front end for long term peace of mind.

The first place that 99.9% of potential clients look when receiving a bid is at the contractor’s bottom line when they should be looking at theirs. 

You need a contractor that you can “trust in transparency.”

It is always important to compare apples to apples.

There are many different variables that play a role in each individual contractor’s bid. Some contractors may include certain items, while others may make certain exclusions. The only way to properly go about this is to “level” each bid.

To wrap things up, it is key to fully understand what your contractor is giving you for their bottom line to make sure it is aligned with yours.

Future problems, solved!

Still looking for the right contractor for your project? Contact us for information on how Tomak Group can help improve your residential or commercial space!

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