NYC is Noisy. Should You Soundproof Your Floors?

NYC is Noisy. Should You Soundproof Your Floors?

For an 800SF apartment in NYC, it only costs $4/SF to soundproof your floors.

When taking the plunge and going for a full gut renovation, or simply replacing your existing wood floors, you now have the option to add a sound barrier system between you and your neighbor below. With a Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) product this allows you that needed separation.

Does anyone really need to hear their neighbor snoring? We think not. The sound barrier system is installed over your existing, or new, plywood subfloor and sandwiched in between your finished wood flooring.

Still not buying it?

Take a look at this short video and let us know what you think.

Can you say WOW?

The sound barrier system can be installed on your floors as well as your walls. We wouldn’t say go crazy and install it on all of your walls, but it definitely puts a damper on things.

We can’t guarantee full silence because of this product but it’s certainly a game-changer.

To get back to our initial question, and make a long story long, absolutely! The only question you’ll be asking your neighbor is, can you hear me now?

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